Developed by Solar * Tec AG and continued by the proven team of SolarTec International AG, SolCon ™ concentrator technology (CPV technology) combines maximum efficiency with maximum return. Compared to standard modules, SolCon ™ modules deliver twice the output in the same area. Highly automated manufacturing processes from the LED production enable a rational and cost-effective production of the modules.
The importance of SolarTec International in the field of concentrator technology is further underlined by the fact that SolarTec International has experienced industrial partners in the field of solar technologyEU project “APOLLON” is working on the development and commercialization of highest efficiency CPV systems. At the Freiburg 6th International Conference on Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems , 07.-09.04.2010, SolarTec International AG informed about the state of the CPV module development. The program of the event can be downloaded here .

• Technology and innovation

• Sol * Con ™ module development: the result of years of development

• Modules with up to 26 percent efficiency

• Our goal: solar modules with over 28 percent efficiency

• How does Sol * Con ™ work?

Technology and innovation

Due to the concentration of sunlight (about 760 times in our Sol * Con ™ modules),
the active solar cell area can be reduced to a fraction compared to conventional solar modules. On the one hand, this offers considerable cost savings through low material consumption and, on the other hand, high-quality and expensive solar cells can be used which achieve very high efficiencies while concentrating.